Following are representative overviews of the types of disability claims we have successfully handled for over 20 years. This is just a small sampling of the kinds of cases in which we specialize. If you are concerned that your disability situation requires legal representation, we encourage you to speak with an attorney at Rosen, Moss, Snyder & Bleefeld LLP as soon as possible.

  1. YOU ARE PRESENTLY WORKING. A PROGRESSIVE MEDICAL CONDITION IS CAUSING INCREASING DIFFICULTIES PERFORMING ESSENTIAL JOB DUTIES.We will meet with you to discuss the complex medical, financial, and personal issues. We will work with you in notifying your employer, insurer, and physicians that your increasingly severe medical symptomology is causing it to be progressively difficult to complete your activities of daily living (ADLs) and satisfactorily perform your essential job requirements.
  2. YOU WERE RECENTLY CAUSED TO STOP WORKING DUE TO A PROGRESSIVE OR ACUTE MEDICAL CONDITION THAT PREVENTS YOU FROM PERFORMING YOUR ESSENTIAL JOB DUTIES.You have recently had to stop working. We will work with you to complete disability paperwork. We will be the liaison between you and the disability insurance company, help gather your medical records, and work with your treating physician to complete the paperwork necessary to complete a disability application. We will also represent you on your application for SSDI benefits.
  3. YOU RECENTLY RECEIVED A DENIAL LETTER FOR EITHER YOUR SHORT-TERM OR LONG-TERM DISABILITY BENEFITS.You have made the difficult decision to stop working due to a serious medical or physical condition. Your physician and family are fully supportive of your decision. You complete all of the paperwork required by the insurance company and are devastated to receive a denial letter.We will represent you on your appeal against your insurance company. We will cover all angles to maximize the likelihood that your claim is approved retroactively and ongoing.
  4. YOU HAVE BEEN RECEIVING DISABILITY BENEFITS, AND YOU GET A LETTER FROM THE INSURER NOTIFYING THAT YOUR BENEFITS HAVE BEEN TERMINATED.You continue to be disabled from working. Despite concerted treatment, there has been no improvement in your symptoms. You are devastated to suddenly receive a letter in the mail from your disability insurance company notifying you they are cutting off your benefits. They allege that their doctors believe you can work. You strongly disagree.We can help you successfully fight the insurance company’s wrongful decision to terminate your benefits.
  5. YOU RECEIVE A “FINAL” DENIAL OR TERMINATION LETTER.You have navigated the appeals process either on your own or with another lawyer. You receive a final denial or termination letter from the insurance company. You strongly believe that based on what was submitted they made the wrong decision.We have successfully represented hundreds of disability clients in Federal Court on disputed claims. Contact us for a free consultation.
  6. YOU CONTINUE TO RECEIVE DISABILITY BENEFITS HOWEVER HAVE “A FEELING” SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT ON YOUR CLAIM.You continue to receive your monthly disability checks, and there remains no improvement in your medical and physical condition. You notice, though, a change in your relationship with the disability insurance company.It could be that you think you are being followed (i.e., surveillance). It could be that the claims examiner is taking a suddenly adversarial tone. It could be that you are scheduled for an in-home “interview.” Or it could be that the insurance company wants you to be examined by one of their treating physicians (IME).It’s often in your best interest to secure proactive legal representation at this point. We will protect you against the insurer’s adverse actions to try to take away your benefits.
  7. YOU ARE RECEIVING DISABILITY BENEFITS, AND THE INSURER WANTS YOU TO USE “THEIR COMPANY” TO HELP WITH YOUR SSDI DISABILITY CLAIM.Don’t! Call us immediately. In many cases, we can represent you for your SSDI claim at no fee.
  8. YOU CONTINUE TO RECEIVE DISABILITY BENEFITS AND HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF DISCUSSING A BUYOUT OR SETTLEMENT OF YOUR CLAIM.We have extensive expertise and experience in negotiating favorable buyouts of ongoing disability claims. Contact us to discuss further.

The disability lawyers at Rosen, Moss, Snyder & Bleefeld LLP represent clients in the Philadelphia area in a number of various disability law cases. If you have received a wrongful denial or termination of disability benefits, if a worsening medical condition is affecting your ability to perform the essential functions of your job, or if you believe one of the above examples applies to your case, we want you to contact our firm at once.

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