5 Long-Term Disability Misunderstandings and Myths

A lawyer takes notes as a man with a broken wrist speaks to her. They are sitting at a desk and the image is partially out of focus.

Long-term disability claims are designed to provide individuals with financial support in the event they’re unable to work because of an injury or illness. They’re incredibly beneficial for preventing future lost income — and yet there are many misunderstandings surrounding them. Here’s an overview of five long-term disability misconceptions and common myths. […]

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Why Were My Long-Term Disability Benefits Terminated?

After car accident and rehabilitation, a businessman can return to work again.The company which employing disable people will receive tax deductions benefits.

A disabled employee who experienced a serious health condition can utilize their insurance policy to receive financial benefits, allowing them to pay for their medical treatments and other essential expenses. However, even if your disability claim was originally approved, there is a possibility that your provider can stop supporting you if certain conditions are met. […]

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Can You Move to Another State While on Long-Term Disability?

Because each state has its own unique disability laws and programs, it’s only natural to question whether or not you can move out of state while on long-term disability. Given how receiving social security disability payments is essential for one’s continued health and financial stability, it’s important to understand how the state of your benefits […]

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Why Are Disability Claims Denied?

a woman with a broken arm sits frowning on a couch with her laptop

Was your disability claim denied recently? Not receiving pay following an injury can be an incredibly stressful experience — however, by knowing why disability claims are denied, you can better prepare yourself for filing an appeal and any future claim submissions. Although there are many reasons for denied claims, let’s examine and review why most […]

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What Is the Process When Appealing Short-Term Disability Insurance’s Denial of Request?

A female attorney and her client discuss an upcoming case. The client has their back turned towards the camera. They are wearing a neck brace and holding crutches. The lawyer has a serious gaze as she looks at the client through her black-framed glasses.

If you’ve been injured and unable to work for pay, then you can submit a short-term disability claim to your insurance company to receive financial aid. They’ll have around 45 days or so to review your forms and make a decision — however, no matter how legitimate your injury is, there’s no guarantee it will […]

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