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If you suffer from a serious disability or illness that prevents you from performing the ordinary tasks of your job, long term disability benefits are supposed to be put in place to supplement a portion of your income for a certain period of time, depending on the policy and the duration of the disability. Some employers offer these long term benefits; however, certain policies can be purchased privately, as well.

Unfortunately, some insurance companies may deny or prematurely terminate long term benefits, causing families tremendous financial difficulties. Long term disabilities range from neurological disorders, traumatic brain injuries to mental health problems, the treatments of which can become extremely costly. If you have a disabling event, but your benefits have been canceled, call us at Rosen, Moss, & Snyder LLP today!

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We help clients in Wilmington, North Jersey, and Delaware County file for long term disability benefits when a disabling medical condition leaves them unable to perform the day-to-day tasks of their jobs properly. We liaise with all necessary entities including the long term disability insurance provider, healthcare providers, employers, and any other parties that can help support your claim.

While the insurer may make it seem like a straightforward process to submit a claim, in reality, it is incredibly difficult to successfully file a long term disability claim without the help of an experienced attorney.

We Work Hard for Your Long Term Disability Benefits

The attorneys at Rosen, Moss, & Snyder LLP provide top disability insurance legal services to employees throughout the Philadelphia region and the surrounding areas. We work diligently to stack the odds in favor of our clients, obtaining ample documentation to support each claim. This gives our clients the best chance to receive a favorable decision on the initial claim or appeal but also gives them a fighting chance at a lawsuit if the denial is upheld.

If you need long term disability benefits because a disabling medical condition has made it impossible to adequately perform the essential functions of your job, contact one of the experienced lawyers at Rosen, Moss, & Snyder LLP right away so they can promptly begin working on your file.

What Should I Do If I Receive a Denial or Termination Notice?

If you have received a denial or termination notice for your disability benefits, the clock is ticking with strict appeal deadlines. Call us immediately, so we can begin working on your file with all the necessary documents needed to support your claim before the clock runs out.

For a successful long term disability claim, you need to supply medical documentation from your healthcare provider and statements from your employer about the daily tasks of the job. Then, you must submit everything within a strict time frame. Failing to supply substantial documentation could result in a denial of benefits. Also, failing to adhere to the deadline will forfeit your ability to submit a long term disability claim in the future.

The process of filing a claim for long term disability benefits can be a challenge, but our attorneys can help. If you live in or around the Philadelphia area and need a long term disability lawyer or would like to speak with an experienced ERISA disability attorney, contact our firm now!

Appealing an Long Term Disability Claim Denial

Even with all the required paperwork, getting approved for benefits is not certain. Further, appealing a denied claim on your own is very risky. Failing to successfully appeal your denial can leave you with few options moving forward. If you live in North Jersey, South Jersey, Delaware County, PA, or anywhere else in the Philadelphia region, we recommend calling us before filing your initial claim so we can give you the best chances at an initial approval.

Because the disability insurer has a monetary incentive to deny claims, they look for reasons to issue a denial. Upon receiving a denial of benefits, you will have a limited time frame to appeal. If your denial is upheld, you might be left with the sole choice to file a lawsuit based on information already submitted in your claim and subsequent appeals.

If you have filed a claim but received a denial, it is imperative that you call the long term disability attorneys at Rosen, Moss, & Snyder LLP before submitting your appeal.


We’re Here to Help You

At Rosen, Moss, & Snyder LLP, we serve clients across the Tri-State area from Bucks County and Montgomery County, PA to South Jersey and New Castle County, DE, with a range of disability insurance legal services. If you are seeking long term disability benefits because a significant medical condition has left you unable to work in North Jersey, Wilmington, DE, or anywhere in the Greater Philadelphia Area, contact Rosen, Moss, & Snyder LLP online or call our expert lawyers today.

Remember: If your initial claim for long term disability has been denied or unfairly terminated by the insurance carrier, don’t appeal the decision without the help of one of our long term disability lawyers! Instead, call us immediately to file an appeal before it’s too late!

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