Why Were My Long-Term Disability Benefits Terminated?

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A disabled employee who experienced a serious health condition can utilize their insurance policy to receive financial benefits, allowing them to pay for their medical treatments and other essential expenses. However, even if your disability claim was originally approved, there is a possibility that your provider can stop supporting you if certain conditions are met. To learn why your long-term disability payments were canceled, here is an overview of four common reasons why insurance companies terminate benefits.

A Time Limit Was Reached

One common reason why long-term disability benefits are terminated is because the time limit the insurance company placed for the policy reached its end. Depending on whether you received benefits for a chronic condition or mental health, the duration of your coverage can last around 24 months. After this time limit is reached, your disability benefits cease. As a result, it’s incredibly important for individuals receiving disability benefits to understand the terms and limitations of their policies to prepare for the eventual long-term disability termination.

Improved Condition

It is entirely possible that your own personal behavior was what led to the cancellation of your long-term disability benefits. Disability insurance benefits are designed to provide financial support when a person is unable to perform their job duties due to a physical or mental impairment. If your insurance company finds evidence that you engage in activities contrary to your disability, they will see no reason to continue sending you benefits. This is because you may no longer meet the definition of disability as outlined in their policy. 


For example, this means that if you’re spotted partaking in physical activity because your condition has improved, they’ll no longer send your benefits. Insurance companies utilize private investigators, video surveillance, and even social media posts to keep track of your behavior — if they see you doing something that suggests you’ve recovered from your injury, they’ll end your benefits.

Their Definition of Disability Changed

Long-term disability benefits can also be terminated after an insurance company changes its definition of disability. Insurance policies may specify certain criteria for disability, and if the insurance company alters these criteria, it can lead to long-term disability termination for individuals who no longer meet the revised definition. 


For instance, after a specified amount of time has passed, their definition of disability can subtly change from “unable to perform your own occupation” to “unable to perform any occupation.” This means that if you returned to work, you no longer fit the policy’s current definition of disability — resulting in the termination of your benefits. This underscores the importance of carefully reviewing policy updates and seeking legal advice if there are concerns about changes that may affect disability claimants’ employment and income protection.

Ending Medical Treatment

When you sign up for long-term disability benefits, your insurance company expects that you will continue to receive medical treatment to improve your condition — however, if you stop seeing your doctor and no longer follow their treatments, then the insurance company can interpret the action as no longer needing medical care. Alternatively, they may even speculate whether you truly are disabled or not. Either way, ending medical treatment is one reason why they may end your benefits.


In addition, insurance companies will routinely ask claimants for medical records and other documentation, as it demonstrates their ongoing inability to work because of their disability. If you fail to provide them with the information they need, then they can potentially end your benefits. This means that if you stop going to the doctor and no longer have contemporary medical documents, it’s possible they’ll stop sending you benefits. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that individuals maintain a consistent record of their medical condition and treatment to avoid long-term disability termination.

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