Significant Personal Injury Claims

Significant Personal Injury Law

Serious injuries from every incident or accident imaginable are a major disruption personally and financially for you and your family. When we take you on as a new client, we pledge to passionately fight for you as if you are a member of our own family.

Countless clients have called on us with a substantial, disabling injury stemming from one of the following areas of our expertise: (1) Motor Vehicle Accidents (Auto, Trucking, Bikes, Pedestrians); (2) Premises Liability Incidents; (3) Products Liability Incidents; (4) Civil Rights Violations; (5) Municipal Liability Incidents; (6) Wrongful Death Tragedies; (7) Work Injuries and many other areas of legal practice. For decades, we have represented thousands of clients in many areas of the law with one dominant goal in mind – to help each one secure the maximum level of compensation deserved. That is why we pledge to be the best lawyers you could hope to select.

Our pledge to you starts with a free initial consultation and continues throughout the case until resolution. When you trust us to represent your interests, we promptly and aggressively investigate the facts and the law. We work with experts to prepare your case to win. We treat you with the care, concern and an attention to detail you should expect. We take great pride in ensuring that you: (1) understand the merits of your case; (2) know how the process will work; and (3) feel comfortable knowing we have truly listened to you and have answered all your questions. We ensure that you personally get to know us. Your only concern should be to recover physically, emotionally and financially as best you can. We take care of the legal process and involve you only when necessary to prepare a successful case.

Our plan is individually catered to you! While some larger law firms may offer a broader scan of legal services, they might not provide the same level of specialized services and personalized representation that we do. We focus on you, knowing that your well-being depends upon it and that you are depending on us. We represent you because we believe in you and your case and we will invest the necessary effort and expense to seek justice for you.

We are more than just your attorney – we are counselors, advocates and friends in any way you require our support. If you want a law firm with a national reputation, a long track record of proven success, and a respected personal approach, look no further than Rosen Moss Snyder LLP.

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