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Used to protect future earnings, disability insurance is supposed to replace your income in the event that you become physically unable to work. Most people use health insurance to cover medical costs due to a severe injury or sickness, however, without disability insurance, not many individuals are prepared for the loss of wages that follow a tragedy.

At Rosen Moss Snyder LLP, we help clients throughout the Philadelphia region, from Montgomery County and Bucks County to Maryland, securing the disability benefits they deserve to counter the wages they have lost due to a disabling medical condition.

To see if we are the legal team for you, here is An Overview of the Types of Disability Cases We Handle. We work with our clients’ healthcare providers, employers, and insurance company to collect all necessary documentation to file, defend, or appeal for disability benefits.

Two Types of Disability Insurance

Disability coverage can be obtained privately or through one’s employer. There are two distinct types of coverage for employees who develop a disability to perform the daily functions of his or her job, which are:

Short-Term Disability

This coverage will replace a portion of your salary in the event you miss up to six months of work. This type of coverage typically kicks in after all sick leave is exhausted, and replaces close to 100% of wages. The length of coverage and payment percentages may vary from plan to plan, but these numbers are typical.

Long-Term Disability

Most legal experts maintain that this disability insurance is the most important insurance you can purchase because some diseases and injuries are disabling rather than fatal, meaning that the incapacitation can be lengthy.

Extended Disability Insurance Policies

As a rule, disability insurance that has a longer length can be purchased to replace somewhere between 50 and 70% of your salary. Some employers allow their employees to buy extra insurance from the same company, sometimes raising that coverage to 80%. Some have particular rules, which can be found in the respective plan.

Extended disability insurance policies can vary in the length of payout. Some of these policies will only pay out for 5 or 10 years, whereas some will pay out until age 65. Policies can also vary in the definition of disability (some contentious categories include mental illness and back injuries) and exclusionary criteria (pre-existing medical conditions, injuries from dangerous activities, etc.).

“Own-Occupation” Policies

A lengthier disability insurance policy can be designated as an “own-occupation” policy. Most policies are “any-occupation,” which means the policy owner must work when he or she is capable, even if he or she cannot work in the same capacity as before. An “own-occupation” policy will allow the owner to collect benefits until he or she can resume their previous occupation. Typically, these policies are more beneficial to policy owners with high-skill or high-paying jobs.

What We Do at RMS Law

At Rosen Moss Snyder LLP, we offer expert legal services not only to the local community in Bucks County and Montgomery County but to everyone in Greater Philadelphia and beyond who has had a prosperous career tragically impeded by a disability. We also serve as ERISA disability attorneys for group insurance claims as well.

For a free consultation regarding your disabling medical condition and the disability benefits available to you, contact us online or give us a call today at 215-935-0315.

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