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Disability Lawyers Serving Kent County, DE

Are you having difficulty proving that an injury is preventing you from working? Without the help of a knowledgeable attorney, you’ll find yourself fighting an uphill battle. Fortunately, our disability lawyers in Kent County, DE, can help.

The attorneys at Rosen Moss Snyder Law LLP have decades of experience fighting on behalf of their clients and, with that expertise, work tirelessly against disability claim denials. With our disability lawyers in Kent County, DE, you can expect only the best legal assistance both in and outside the courtroom.

Our office wants to hear your story. Reach out to RMS Law today for a free consultation and to get started.

Personal Injury Law Firm in Kent County, DE

Filing a personal injury claim is by no means an easy task. There are countless different aspects that must be taken into consideration for the claim to be successful. That’s why our personal injury law firm in Kent County, DE, can help. Rosen Moss Snyder Law LLP lawyers are well acquainted with gathering and reviewing evidence and will use that experience to create a compelling case against the party who caused your injury.

Long-Term Disability Lawyer in Kent County, DE

People who’ve been injured or get sick may be unable to work for a prolonged period of time and lose their source of income. In many situations like this, they can pursue long-term disability benefits to make up for their missed time at work. Unfortunately, there are some instances where these benefits can be refused.

If your claim has been denied, then RMS Law’s long-term disability lawyers in Kent County, DE, want to hear from you. They’ve helped countless clients who have had their claims declined to file long-term disability appeals and will use that experience to help your case.

RMS Law has disability lawyers in Kent County, Delaware

Short-Term Disability Lawyer in Kent County, DE

Some injuries may lead to an individual not being able to work for up to a year. When this happens, they’ll be able to file for short-term disability benefits. However, there’s a chance that their claim may be denied and leave them without a way to handle bills and other expenses.

Should this ever happen to you or a loved one, know that our short-term disability lawyers in Kent County, DE, will be there to support you. The attorneys at RMS Law will work tirelessly to file short-term disability appeals so you can receive what’s rightfully yours.

Social Security Disability Lawyer in Kent County, DE

When you apply for social security disability benefits, there are many guidelines that must be met These requirements and the process itself can be complicated. Even if you do satisfy all the stipulations, there’s still a possibility that it may be denied.

By working directly with the offices of Rosen Moss Snyder LLP, the social security claim process is a lot less stressful. With our experienced social security disability lawyers in Kent County, DE, you’ll be able to better navigate the processes of receiving your benefits.

ERISA Lawyer in Kent County, DE

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) was created to ensure there are minimum standards for employee benefit plans in private industries. It applies to a number of benefits like disability insurance and pensions. However, despite these legal protections, it’s still possible for claim denials to happen. If you’ve been denied benefits, reach out to our ERISA lawyers in Kent County, DE, for legal assistance and advice.

RMS Law Disability Lawyers: Serving Kent County, DE, Residents

There’s no need to face denied claims alone when you can have a legal professional working for you. For a legal team that listens to your story and fights hard on your behalf, reach out to Rosen Moss Snyder LLP today.

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