When Should You Speak With a Disability Lawyer?

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If you are suffering from a disability, it’s possible to apply for a disability claim to receive payment. However, the process can be complex without the aid of a professional. There are some vital details to know which can complicate or hinder the process. Here are some useful insights to help determine when to contact a long or short-term disability lawyer for a disability claim.

If You Suffered From an Accident

One reason you should speak with a disability attorney is if you suffered from a personal injury. A traumatic accident or injury that renders you unable to work will make you eligible for Social Security disability benefits. Unfortunately, the government does not always accept these claims, no matter how compelling they are. That is why you should consult a lawyer for a disability claim, as law offices are more likely to receive approval from Social Security than applicants without legal aid.

An individual can receive Social Security disability insurance, or SSDI, for various injuries, including physical or mental damages. A physical disability can include injuries like spinal injuries or diseases such as cancer or diabetes, but they must last (or will last) a year, prevent you from working full-time, and threaten your life. The criteria are also similar for mental health disorders, such as PTSD, depression, or other maladies. Speaking with a disability lawyer will help you determine whether your injuries meet the qualifications for aid.

Denied Social Security Claim

After you submit an application for social security disability insurance, it may not be accepted. This scenario is another time when you should seek a lawyer for a disability claim, as a disability attorney will help you challenge the denial. While meeting with them, they will ask you questions regarding your circumstances to help them overrule the claim. The process can also be somewhat perplexing, so having the expertise of an experienced lawyer at your side will make the process easier. 

Contact a Lawyer Early

If you believe you are eligible for compensation, it is better for you to contact a lawyer for a disability claim sooner rather than later. The earlier you ask a disability attorney for help, the quicker they will get your case processed into the system. Early contact is especially crucial if you are dealing with urgent or life-threatening circumstances, such as a terminal health condition or a home foreclosure. It will ensure these problems are addressed in a timely manner before they grow worse.

Another reason why you should contact a disability attorney early is that if your claim was denied, you would only have 60 days to make an appeal before it expires. If that occurs, you will need to begin the claim process from the start, so do not waste any time reaching out to a law firm. They will not ask you to pay a fee for an initial consultation to see if you are eligible for compensation, which will facilitate the process if your budget is an issue.

If you seek the assistance of a Philadelphia long-term disability lawyer, contact Rosen, Moss, Synder LLP for help from hardworking attorneys that care.

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