What Qualifies for Long-Term Disability?

Long-term disability typically pays for 50 percent to 70 percent of employees’ salaries for about five to ten years or until they turn 65. Although pre-existing conditions are not usually covered, various injuries and illnesses that can prevent employees from performing their occupational tasks include personal injuries from accidents, mental health issues, musculoskeletal disorders like back injuries, nervous system disorders, and cancer. When employees have LTD insurance, they are generally eligible for coverage 10 to 53 weeks after they are first unable to work. 

There are many illnesses and injuries that will qualify for long-term disability benefits, from immune system disorders and COPD to dermatitis and cardiovascular conditions, as long as the condition is ongoing and severe enough to disrupt regular work for an extended period. 

Filing an LTD Claim

As long as your employer offers LTD coverage in your benefits package, or you purchased a private policy, you should be able to receive the majority of your salary should you become unable to work. However, there are many steps to successfully filing a long-term disability claim to get to that point. 

Proving Your Disability

The most critical aspect of making an LTD claim is proving that you have been disabled and are eligible for the long-term disability benefits. In general, the insurance company does not want to pay for LTD, so they will require proof of your disability from reputable sources. The insurance company will request the opinion of your treating physician in the form of a written statement. They will also ask for medical records, X-rays, surgical reports, and MRIs, to obtain objective proof of your disability. 

Additionally, it is essential to provide evidence that the disability is ongoing as failing to continue treatment from your doctor while the claim is pending could be grounds for a claim denial. 

Bring on a Long-Term Disability Lawyer

In addition to finding proof of your disability, there are many other hurdles to jump over when making a claim for long-term disability benefits, including minimum work hours, waiting periods, and premiums. The best thing you could do to make sure your claim is approved is to hire the long-term disability claim lawyers in Philadelphia, PA, at Rosen Moss Snyder LLP. Our attorneys can walk you through the LTD process from application to approval. Whether you are dealing with Crohn’s disease, bipolar disorder, lupus, cancer, fibromyalgia, or any number of other illnesses or injuries, our team of Philadelphia ERISA disability attorneys will help build your case and get the LTD benefits you deserve. Call us today to learn more about our long-term disability services.

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