What We Can Do for COPD Disability Claimants

Lung-related diseases vary in intensity but are known for impacting people’s work-life drastically. Today, we’re going to take a look at one specific lung disease category, COPD, how it can cause disability, and what we can do for you and other clients to get disability benefits.

What does COPD mean, and what does it do?

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, often abbreviated as COPD, is an umbrella term covering various lung diseases that obstruct airflow to the lungs. This condition makes breathing much more difficult for a variety of reasons, one being that the alveoli, colloquially known as air sacs, receive permanent damage and no longer function individually. This type is referred to as emphysema and results in the air sacs merging, trapping air in the lungs, and causing extensive shortness of breath. The other common type of COPD is chronic bronchitis, which means the bronchial tubes are chronically plagued with mucus due to the cilia, or hair-like fibers, in them getting destroyed. Chronic bronchitis has similar symptoms to other forms of bronchitis but is the result of permanent, irreversible damage.

What can make COPD a disability?

As a chronic disease, COPD will never truly go away. Because of this permanence, the possibility of it to become disabling to patients is highly likely. The likelihood goes up when more than one form of COPD is combined (i.e., both chronic bronchitis and emphysema), which makes functioning normally much more difficult. The more severe the type of COPD, the more likely disability can be claimed. One standard of measuring severity and qualification for disability is the Social Security Administration’s listing for chronic respiratory disorders, which details at what levels of severity cause disability to be automatically approved.

How can RMS help COPD-disabled clients?

As stated in the previous prompt, achieving recognition is a rather transparent process focused entirely on the disease’s impact on your body. However, getting disability benefits from an insurance company for COPD is far more complicated. That’s where our team of long term disability claim lawyers serving Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding areas comes in to aid in gaining the benefits you deserve. Since insurance companies are for-profit and therefore don’t typically care about your wellbeing, trying to get approved for long term disability can be a nightmare. Our team works around the clock from the second we’re given your file to ensure you get benefits. In the event of a denial, we can also work with you on the appeal process. 

COPD is a severe illness that plagues a large chunk of the nation’s populations, especially smokers. If you experienced symptoms that relate to COPD over a long period, we advise you to seek medical assistance as soon as possible. If your pulmonary disease impacts your ability to work normally, our team of long term disability lawyers who serve Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding areas will take care of your disability claim from start to finish. Contact us today if you require legal representation throughout the process.

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