Need to Obtain Disability Benefits for Cancer? We Can Help!

No one asks for a cancer diagnosis. There’s a lot of uncertainty that arises out of it, and as our Philadelphia-based short term disability lawyers have seen, it can quickly destroy your ability to perform your job the way you used to.

It’s for moments like these that disability insurance was created; you have a lot on your plate already trying to get well and shouldn’t have to drag yourself into work anyway.

However, depending on your policy, there are still a few hurdles to overcome before you can get your benefits. Here are a few key issues that can arise when making a claim:

Is My Cancer Covered?

The short answer is “yes,” but it depends on the policy you have and how the diagnosis is impacting your life.

In general, there are two kinds of policies that a person can have: one that covers them if they can’t do their job, and ones that cover them only if they can’t do any job. Generally speaking, it’s significantly easier to get approved for a policy claim if it provides coverage only if you can’t do your job. This difference exists because proving that you can’t do any job because of your diagnosis requires significantly more evidence to prove.

When Does My Cancer Qualify?

Medical professionals use a four-stage system to classify cancer based on its size and spread:

  • Stage 1: Abnormal cells have grown in a single part of the body.
  • Stage 2: The abnormal cells are growing, potentially with some spread to lymph nodes, but otherwise still in one localized part of the body.
  • Stage 3: Abnormal cells have infected the lymph nodes and potentially spread beyond it.
  • Stage 4: Abnormal cells have spread into other parts of the body.

Generally, it’s hard to get a disability claim approved for Stage 1 because your symptoms may not be severe enough to prove that you can’t work. However, at Stages 2, 3, and 4, you are far more likely to get your claim approved, as the increasing severity of the condition will make it easier to prove disability.

What About My Treatment?

Cancer treatment is harsh on the body; it can make a person feel tired, nauseous, and worse. While these side effects aren’t enough for a long term disability claim to be approved, it can be a strong case for a short term disability claim, since the threshold to prove disability is generally lower.

Even if you were denied for a claim, you might still be able to receive disability benefits. Rosen Moss Snyder LLP ’s team of long term disability lawyers in Philadelphia are continuing to consult with individuals looking for guidance on their disability claim. Give us a call to schedule an attorney consultation today.

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