Why You Should Hire an ERISA Attorney

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When you’re struggling with a medical condition that keeps you from work and other important parts of life, one of the last things that you want to hear is that your insurance company is cutting off your disability benefits. An ERISA lawyer can help you navigate the strict requirements and appeal a denial so that you get the benefits you need.

What is ERISA?

Disability benefits fall under a complicated type of law called ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act), which regulates employee benefits. Employers usually hire large insurance companies to provide employee benefits, but these companies will take advantage of marginalizing and complex laws with a team of doctors and lawyers to discredit disability claims and avoid paying out.

ERISA is advertised to protect those who enroll in retirement and healthcare plans and provides expectations as to the process of disability insurance claims. Over time, however, deadlines and evidence guidelines have changed to benefit insurance companies rather than individuals. From the time that your claim is denied, you have just 180 days to appeal your denial. That’s not much when you consider how much work goes into preparing a thorough appeal.

How An ERISA Lawyer Can Help

Philadelphia ERISA disability attorneys often find that clients are ill-informed about ERISA guidelines and timelines. That’s because people struggling with short- and long-term disabilities rarely have the time or energy to understand the complex laws and the process of ERISA, not to mention the resources to go up against big insurance companies. Applying on your own is not recommended. Short- and long-term disability claim lawyers in Philadelphia, PA, can help you start the process immediately with expert strategies.

An ERISA attorney is well-informed about deadlines, rules, and the procedures around applying for benefits, filing claims, and appealing denials. While other lawyers may not be familiar with the inflexible process of claims and appeals, ERISA attorneys specialize in this area of law and are equipped to design the best strategy for you.

You can expect them to collect evidence of your disability, tediously analyze the insurance company’s denial, represent you in communications and conferences, and write a persuasive appeal to get the best possible outcome. And with only 180 days to appeal a claim denial, it’s important to contact a Philadelphia ERISA disability attorney immediately.

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